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"I was in the process of purchasing a new home & looking for a respectable, licensed home inspector. Dave Moran came highly recommended from a trusted colleague who not only received great service but also was able to negotiate a reduction in his home costs due to problems found during the inspection. I reached out to David immediately & found him to be very professional & flexible with his schedule. I needed an inspection within one week and he was able to complete my inspection. Not only was his pricing affordable but he was prompt & thorough. What I found most amazing was that he was able to turnaround a very lengthy inspection report, that included detailed pictures, descriptions and links of information....all within a matter of hours! He also made himself available as I had follow-up questions. He also provided the added service of a Radon Test and results....and since my Radon Levels were elevated....I was able to negotiate a mitigation device installed in the home prior to the closing. Well worth the extra $150 for the radon test! My experience with DJM Home Inspections was beyond my expectations and I recommended him to all of my friends & family & he has not disappointed. "
Rachel F.
"Wow, that was fast! Very nice job today Dave! Your experience and thoroughness were very impressive! We appreciate the professionalism in which you inspected our home. I will continue to provide recommendations for your services. Thank you so much!"
"And thank you David. You are very thorough and very helpful. I've learned a lot from you. "
Rick M.
"I just want to say thank you for a extremely well written and thorough report! You provided all the elements of information that were of concern to my wife and I in your report and gave us the confidence to proceed with the purchase of this property. Your professionalism and manner in inspecting this property meant the world to us and we can't thank you enough for that. We will always highly recommend your services to our family and friends! Thank you again "
Kate W.
"Thank you, very well done inspection!!!"
Marsha S.
"Thanks Dave - appreciate all your hard work for us! "
Daphne P.
"I received your report. Thanks so much for taking care of me today!"
"During the purchasing process of buying my home, it was recommended that the home be inspected by a Professional. I was referred to David Moran by a close friend. I called David to inquire about his services, he was extremely professional and agreed to meet me at the home. David was on time, answered all of my questions and took the additional time to make sure I had a clear understanding of the inspection process. Upon leaving the inspection, David indicated that I would have his write up within two days. The write up was completed on time and very detailed, I could not have asked for anything more. Thanks David for doing a great job!"
Rob R.
"Dave is a very thorough, diligent and helpful inspector. I highly recommend him to all my clients and the ones that use him are always satisfied with the result and report Dave puts out. Dave is very easy to work and schedule with, he is also always willing to answer any questions we may have before or after the inspection. Great experience every time!"
Ryan V.
"Dave Moran, with DJM Home Inspections, is one of the finest people I know, his hard work and dedication to his job and responsibilities is second to none, I find him honest, respectful and smart.. His abilities are only exceeded his humbleness. "
Ken M.
"This will be the oddest home inspector testimonial. We were diligent home buyers and hired a Home Inspector. Hindsight, it was a Real estate referral, which was a crucial error. This inspector was also contracted for Radon Testing, which was an add-on, and we optimistically anticipated a successful inspection. After the sale we discovered a long term roof leak into the garage and the main floor bath leaked into the lower level kitchen. These repairs cost us $20K. We contacted the inspector and his response argued a thorough inspection, where he specified his notice of the leaves in the gutters, ignoring the blatant structural missed findings. We brought in Dave Moran for inspecting to determine issues related to humidity and air quality. This is when we learned of gas leaks, crawl space issues, and a radon level needing addressing. Real estate inspectors referred by the real estate brokers are not really working for you and will never endanger a deal from closing. Get an independent inspector, qualified inspector, unbiased and working for your interests. "
Gary J.

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